American, what is it?

As an a first-generation American who migrated here and gradually learned the Constitution, culture, and embraced the pure principles without the modern bullshit, I have an outsider’s perspective. I saw many different things that set this alternative reality apart from the misery of the rest of the world.

In the beginning, I mocked those differences as being utopian, waxed vegetables, lab-smelling grossery stores, why would you plastic wrap everything!, oh dear god people here are incredibly guilable and incapable of self-thought! incorrect! impractical!

Nine years later, and some of that impractical lunacy is imprinting unto me, in a way I am the gullible now, I fall for Indian Crypto scams, I buy overpriced junk I do not need, and I subscribe to things I do not use… how it make sense now. it’s not that Americans are terrible, it is that they live worry free of starvation, and paranoid by fear, hatred, and violence of each other, scattered around by integration, and a complete lack of unifying culture. their culture is conflict, in common they only have principles of Freedom, Guns, and fried chicken. When a newcomer arrives to USA they bring a comparison to the ways of the world outside, one that is starving, struggling, and has life-threatening problems, the dream state is to be a few months down the road, no one dreams of business, stability, or wealth. that’s flat out impossible. owning a car is impossible as is. what are you talking about man!

I travelled the four continents seeking a better life and I found it here, but it comes when one leaves the baggage of the wicked world in the past and embraces a big shift in the mindset of (Individual Freedom) independence from all forms of government, and true loyalty only to God and no one else on Earth, no king, no president, no political party. this is a Nation of the free. the government is created by the people and can be replaced as easily by said people, should it ever fail to serve their interests effectively and transparently.

So, to be an American… to speak your mind and be heard, where voting brings impactful change, your governor serves you, not the rich few. and laws exist to punish the powerful when they rape the poor… in a land with David beats the Goliath. this is America.

Individual-Freedom, independent, unruled, can be carried out when each State is it’s own government, the federal system exists only to solve problems between states and international affairs, never interfering with the people directly. and most importantly the people have the power over the government, the government has no power over the people. the opposite of communism.

What rights do Americans have that non-American mortals do not?

  • They can defend them selves from threats, shoot the criminal, arrest the thief, police isn’t really needed to American families they are self-protected.
  • Christian, in the sense of putting god over mortal, their loyalty lies with a moral compass, not of money, or lordship, or any man whatsoever.
  • Uninfluenced culture: music, art, science, wisdom, and more. all subject to argument, competition, and innovation.

If human culture were to be a programming languages. the kernel of human culture falls upon the such religious definitions of what civility is and it’s peak was in 1950s to 1980s.

* Justice, mercy, courage, sacrifice, kindness, etc.

  • Marriage rather than dating,
  • Clearly defined rules of Man, Woman and Child.
  • Education including: psychology, discipline, philosophy, and critical thinking).
  • Self Expression in art, music, and and writing.

This mindset passed to children gradually helped define the correct path to progress into the next stage of civilization. Some of this became idiology such as the inadequate European adoption of forcing everyone to be right-handed, while it did help us build technology tailored for a default state and cut on design challenges and resources to mass producing mugs, scissors, utensils, writing style in languages, keyboard layout, the automobile gas foot and clutch, the phone button layouts, firearms, and this is still reaching today as we still write left-to-right, cursive goes right-top to left-bottom. and so on.

Generalization of human design minimized our resource spending, and reduced customization. but it required a socialist approach to standardizing what it means to be a human. what is an inferior human, and what is a superior human (Superhuman (see Fredrick Nietzsche for the Ubermacht)).

World War 2 and the American Geopolitical History

World War 2 boils down to a bunch of unwise nations with guns, unbeknownst to their power, eager to play a battle royal war to redraw the borders with little care to the consequences or loss of life. And towards the end, USSR seemed like an attractive easy enemy to defeat due to their landmass and lack of military directive, as they were a technological and cultural directive.

With the rise of the internet, people are catching on to the inaccurate bias of the education system. Americans UK and European all funded the Nazi war . in a deal to bring down the USSR and split the spoils, it is only when Hitler went against the plan did they form an alliance and barely kept their lands safe while Soviet Union finished of the war and drove the military all the way back to Germany stopping shortly following the US nuclear surprise.

After the war, there was no winners, all economies collapsed, over 200 million people died, 156 million civilians, 83 million USSRs of them 56 million Russians. the west retreats, Hitler is gone. He was the Thanos that snapped half the world our of existence, and Stalin was the guy that saved the universe, but at what cost his nation starved, slavery insued, and after a lot of disappointment and unrest USSR collapsed as nations decided a technological, cultural union of such magnitude did not delivery on the promise of safety it made, what or use do they have with inventing space travel, if their opponent was a violent teenager country (250 years old) with a very big nuclear gun, a high temper, looking for an excuse to blow entire cities up… everyone is F*****. okay let’s do cold-war. chill chill!! buy time and pray the American scientists with conscious deliver the nuclear schematics to balance the world and prevent the extinction of the human race.

Americans have won, they get to be unruled, on a land of their own, ripe for free market, capitalism, with a lot of resources to buy for cheap, a new financial system to build, and untouched infrastructure to leverage before anyone rebuilds from the war. the 1950s are the most successful years the world has ever seen in a rising new super power, virtually uncontested since all the cats (super powers) were licking their wounds.

Fast forward today and America is eating itself from the inside, we are on the verge of collapse

Communism is running rampant, a new government is erasing American values, Slavery has returned, people starving, homeless are given dependencies and food stamps, (the cheap scraps from the tables of the rich) the Internet (free speech) is attacked, speech is takedown, privacy violated, characters assassinated, Christians be damned, middle class pays to feed the poor, the Billionaires are the Greek gods of the new world. with education eroded, and children artifically grown in daycares instead of homes, Americans are so guilable it is easy to pit them against each other with hate, divide them with gender, religion, ethnicity and nationality, the very things the government once promised to never discriminate, you now have minority privileges, and white male shaming… how the mighty free people have fallen, what a miserable nation we have become.

How did this happen? and why? People tend to build their environment, wealthy people build slave systems to address their greed and lust for god-hood.

Sooner or later we got corruptions in FDA to feed people with fossil goop biproducts instead of food (did you eat plastic candy or gummy bears? yup.)

corruptions in the FCC forcing tech to be suspectible to spying and jamming (read the fine print on your Alexa for proof), free speech and internet be replaced into a new means of Nazi propaganda when it is as essential as water to the modern society.

I’m not pointing fingers to a single political party, the blame is on the American people who are “Sworn” to protecting their nation from tyranny and over taking yet here they are yearning for servitude, obeying the Loki (Sorros) without question, how many Americans born know the consitution and the bill of rights better than a first gen American like me? Americans today are not real Americans, they allow money and lobbying to delete their votes and their speech, they do not want freedom, they yearn servitude, the ever growing poverty didn’t anger them to take their freedom back, it made the docile enough to settle for dry kibbles and human Freskies it makes NO SENSE.

We have the power to come together, the internet encryption allows it, but it also granted the ability for the gods to exert control and believe me they are not pulling any punches. The docile people are allowed shelter and food but what about the rest? they are given socialist aid to keep them settled for scrapes. with Socialism the country faces the greatest national security vulnerability, adversaries only need to punch the new government out of the driver’s seat and take over. and not a single bullet need be fired. since all power is becoming centralized.


A long time ago, where gods were living people (rings a bell?), and miracles were performed by a slaves but glory be claimed by them gods, a set of philosophies emerged to bring hope for the enslaved, this hope taught them to differentiate the human god’s accomplishments, and appreciate that which was created without them. That same mystery expanded our thought process put forth the idea of shifting the obedience from mortal men to immortal ideology, the appreciation of that which was not created by man pushed humanity into modern science, sustained innovation, and a renewed worth of identity and intelligence in self and others. so much that it pushed us to consider animals to have soul, consciousness, and emotions, the idea of a God who’s a creator of all brought 2 conceptual solutions.

  1. Nature and everything so vast and complex is beyond what man can ever do, and it is worthy of appreciation, and study.
  2. The same force that creates life, created man, and if so then I the individual am not a property of my parent, or a clan, or a nation. I am free to live life so long that I too respect that same freedom in others.

Jesus helps manifest these theories into practical applications, and sets humanity into the renascences of culture and innovation that was thought to have been lost since the collapse of Atlantis 400 B.C. Atlantis, a super nation, the USA of the ancient times, horded the greatest minds and innovations the world has ever seen that we are incapable of accomplishing today, they were extremely versed in astrophysics, genetic engineering, telecommunication, terraforming, they were however secretive of their knowledge and only shared it across their allies, similar to how we conduct business with allied nations only. here is a path that holds hope the savage can be once again intelligent… starting with the end of slavery, and living gods with dreams of tyranny, control, and bring forth culture, kindness, logic, and above all individual freedom.

When asked of your lord a Christian replies it is God who is in the heavens not some dude sitting on a throne, Pharaoh, President, or Governor. no slavery, no servitude, no mortal can take God’s place, and in this vision people are free to create their own societies, their own environments, and their own way of life, unbothered by say “government”, especially not a federal one..

The American is therefore a new evolution of that belief that a free human is free from any limits set forth by another human, or humans. and the only limitations there apply to not overstep a fellow person who also deserved the same level of freedom. some Americans came discriminate that the American freedom is exceptional to the their fellow Americans. a modern example of this that

Edward Snowden is wanted for treason, for his heroic actions despite being American, he found shelter in Russia, where ironically said freedom is still respected in some sense.

Julien Assange is dying from disease, rotting alive, in a cell, for his heroic actions, because freedom and speech do not apply to a non-American.

“Julian Assange is not American, therefore is not protected by the freedom of speech, right?!” — Hillary Clinton, 2016.

It is hard for people to live unruly in a world where everyone is still someone else’s slave. corporations. elite families, the very notion of money being printed by a person who rules all of economy (Rothchild). practically makes them a living God amongst men.

This is why you notice a lot of Americans believe that the nation is Christian, in that it follows Jesus’ teachings that “God is in the heavens, I am his son, I’m also the son of man, we are all the sons of god.” this alludes to that men should not have lordship. and that Americans do not bow to any government, instead they create and hold their own government accountable to the service of the people.

The story of liberation and constitutional evolution has that similar beauty. The rich and powerful laid down wealth, reputation (condemned as slave owners less remembered as the freedom fighters they are), and lives to serve a greater, more noble goal, grasping closer to the promised land (Israel). I’m not talking about the country; I’m talking about the biblical interpretation of the perfect world. All live free from rulership, a place that is not a nation, nor a government, a country of people that belong to no hierarchy of power but a fair and equal form of self-government formed and executed by those living in it.

Constitutionally and legally, As an American, you ARE the owner of your nation, the United States; each American holds an equal share and revenue of this country and its prosperity.

The citizens are consulted for its external and global affairs by a voting system, the nation is to act as a publically owned corporate as evident and recorded in explicit texts; the Constitution states the rules of the land, the Bill of rights attributes the ownership of said land to the citizens, and the Declaration of Independence acts as the political gatekeeper from anyone to claim ownership over the land of the free people.

“However political parties may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” George Washington’s Farewell Address 1796–09–17.

The United States is home to every American, which they must keep clean, safe, and progressive.

To accomplish those tasks, we need to understand and educate ourselves on the idea of the free man, AKA the American Ubermacht.

As once a struggling dreamer with little education, I had only to work with my analytical witts and hopeful decisions; I dreamt of a life I thought to be fiction; One wonders how a Soviet Union fundamentalist like me, rooted in the self-less socialist conformity and ideology, found the same virtues in the American Ubermacht, To pass the good to others freely, no one can enforce freedom; It has to be understood, earned and achieved, as the very definition of the word is, to be unruled.

So do not forget who you are, what you own, and that you are one nation, under God, not man.

PS: Russia and other nations are now slowly copying the principles from USA, so don’t you dare give up now Americans.