Can socialism work, and at what price?

Can humans be bees and execute socialism?

One for all and all for one, this is the mantra by which socialism operates. Socialism is fundamentally dependent on all members of the system to be selfless, educated, and kind. such as it was during the Soviet Union before World War II, unfortunately, nobody is left alive so we have to hit the library to reconstruct the versions of life from that time.

Fundamentally driven by Christian morals, the good, the selfless, and the kind, they similarly overthrew their Governments and put in place a self-governing system.

Some of us might say the Soviet Union’s version of socialism was a better system than what the founding fathers had built.

It starts with building cities in reverse; the country identifies a need for industry and pours unlimited resources into building a giant manufacturing system surrounded by a living quarter which is a city.

The Production Core of the city spreads the heat to the surrounding living houses to sustain Russia’s freezing temperature; people working at the factory are assigned houses close to the factory minimising their traffic.

The living quarters include education, healthcare, and a mayor that handles the progress of production as well as the wellbeing of the workers.

Here is an illustration of a circle of cities constructed by the soviet union and socialist systems.

The main roads double down as transportation routes, but also electricity, liquid heating and cooling, and transportation.

China has constructed such cities by first identifying a needed industry, then given the government’s unlimited resources, they build, educate and reallocate the workforce.

People are incentivised to come here, but that is where the choice ends; they are limited to specific specialities demanded by the industry.

Socialism eradicates liberties, such as living in a house better than your neighbour, working a job of your choosing, eating better foods than others, and not having the incentive to grow leadership skills or creating businesses.

Circle Cities are incredibly beautiful as a concept, thanks to such designs, USSR was able to create space travel and advance science like never before, however, it was short-lived.

The Russians were growing tired of complacency, they were drooling at the concepts of western liberty which offered Rock and Roll, Bubblegum, and Jeans. They wanted what they did not have.

They were mesmerised by the idea that they could get a better car than their neighbour, that working harder is rewarded… they wanted capitalism.

Our very nature is defined by competition; we don’t want equality, we want to be better than our neighbour, and moral values be damned.

Socialism can work for some people but not others, and when they succeed, the Libertarians invade them in unfair competitive practice; the Soviet Union prevented regular travel between non-USSR member nations and USSR.

Systems are not the problem; people are.

We talk about the issues all the time, the unfair outcomes of capitalism, and the unfair outcomes of socialism, we think that the solutions created by the intelligent few are somehow incomplete; It is much easier to deflect the blame than own the problem; and we continuesly try to adapt the system to our flaws rather than adapt nature to the system, but what happenes when you invite more people to the table?

The United States is confident in its success, and we invite outsiders with opposing ideologies, and attempt to change our system according to their beliefs, and herein lies a problem, regardless your country being built on a socialist system but inviting individualists, or your country being built on an individualist system inviting socialists. Opposting ideologies will always seek to replace the current system which inevitably involves dismantling it rather than improving upon it.

The immigration due process protects us from this problem ensuring that those migrating to our country are interested in adopting our ideology rather than seek its destruction; but at the end of the day what defines a successful society isn’t the system, but the state of its civilisation, such as morals, culture, and education; meanwhile the lackthreof is considered barbarism, so how did modern Americans fall into the latter in late 2020–2023?

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” — Quote on the Statue Of Liberty.

In 1776, The United States Of America has delcared its independence from its creators, the United Kingdon, It had made concrete decisions upon which adopting individualist ideology and rejected forms of centralised government such as communist, socialism or autocracy, we embraced a Democratic Republic.

Their first solution to make sense of this chaos is to put in place a government that settles the differences of the states, but do so restraining the overreach of federal government to the states’ affairs and therefore preserving the diverse backgrounds, views, and lifestyles of the individual states, that is how diversity is preserved. if someone doesn’t like a certain lifestyle they can move to another state that supports their lifestyle.

It is healthy that conflicts happen in debates; the battles are bloodless, and change is possible without civil war, while chaos brings progress, order brings peace, and having both opposing ideologies in government ensures this sustained progress to governing itself for as long as neither of those ideologies takes over the other one; This sounds like nuclear science explaining cold-fusion for ideologies.

Complexity leads to abstraction, which leads to corruption, which leads to errosion.

Regardless the company or in this case the government, systems usually fail when they become too complex and require interpretation; Since we cannot explain this easily, it is not taught in school, people fall victim to choosing sides as each party resorts to win votes rather than focus on improving our lives. It is simpler to stir away from politics altogether and that includes voting, and instead pursue much more attainable goals such as material wealth and home ownership, and not bother with understanding the underlying system that makes our liberties possible.

The amount of those ignorant of the system has become greater than those familiar with it; opportunists see this as a chance to push their own changes and weaponise the government as a control system rather than a support system working against the people, consider (Amendments 11 and later).

Capitalism is for individualists; Socialism is for collectivists.

To understand citizens’ drives that sway them from one political opinion to another; we must dissect the differences between the political impact of a Socialist economy and a Capitalist economy.

Capitalism has a few perks for the poor, and that is if you can educate yourself, you will be rewarded based on how specialised you become; ergo the more intelligent you are the more knowledgeable you are able to become and the more rewarded you can be.

On the other hand, Capitalism keeps those who are unable to climb the ladder of specialisation at bay, as the journey requires good family conditions, a drug-and-violence-free environment, college money, and certain unwritten cultural traits such as proper behaviours such as eating habits, walking styles, use of Latin words, and so on.

Contrary to some beliefs poverty is not a product of stupidity or lack of intelligence, it is a biproduct of financial classism as the successful are more inclined to help those sharing their virtues from good morals, honest dialogue, and upholding of promises, whereas a Socialist economy has much lower barrier of entry for those who do not have such qualities.

If you swing the liberty bell hard enough left it will produce a fantastic human-rights beam that will accomplish much more than we have today, at least in the short term, there’s many systems that would benefit from nationalisation such as healthcare, education, home-ownership, and the food industry.

but this comes at a cost of our liberties like I mentioned above.

Our government is too corrupt to be trusted, and as it amasses any wealth taxing everyone, the accumilated 3.3 TRILLION dollars are quickly displaced into private pockets of congress and other officials, meanwhile we raise the debt ceiling to keep the nation going. I don’t know but give me 1 Trillion dollars and I will kill Health care insurance and make healthcare free, make education entirely online and highly customisable; but what are we doing with 3.3 Trillion? 1 trillion goes to military private contractors, and 1.8 trillion goes to health care insurance (that’s not even health care, but fat cats like Anthem). to add insult to injury, the rich don’t pay taxes.

To create socialism we must first change the minds of the population and decide if we want to change our ideology, give up our liberties and elect a benevolent queen bee or dictator, similar to President Xi. and then redirect that 3.3 Trillion in tax revenue towards the common goals while eliminating (buying out) the private sector involved in Health Care and Education.

Many societies achieved socialism, but I regret to inform they are not human; they are the bees, the ants, and some animal herds.



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