WAKANDA: Slavery ends, where self-governing begins

“Wakanda is an advanced technological Black world and it is unapologetically Afrofuturistic. The idea that Black people can step up and be more technologically advanced is mindset shifting.” — Alicia Mcalla

Illustration of the Afrofuturestic city in Wakanda

Can a Wakanda state solve racism?

Instead of integration, let’s give African Americans their own state and call it Wakanda, let’s give the American Chinese a state and call it Shanghai 2.0, give the French a state, and so on. we were once colonies of a culture where if you don’t like living in one place you would pack-up and move to the other state because it had a different religion and culture.

Today everywhere you go, America is that same miserable place where people shoot each other, mainly because the federal government intervened and decided that mistakes cannot happen, and that safety trumps liberty, and with the ever growing starvation this leads to equality in misery. and removes the ability to escape from one failed state to another thriving state, the equality solution made it one system, where the failure of one state will lead to the failure of all states.

Since when did we consider that autocracy and federal power can solve our problems? have we not learned from the linkes of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin?

America’s are burning their flag by day and settle for food stamps at the end of it. to be unemployed pays better than working some of the jobs, our ability to provide a system where anyone can create something is slowly converting to the world’s largest homeless shelter.

“If no one is making stuff, there is no stuff” — Elon Musk.

We can either appreciate what the United States is, a consitutional republic with infdividual micro-countries we call states. that the failure of one does not impact all, and the success of one can inspire all. and as promised we are to protect it. but if politics seems too big to manage, the best we can do is abstain and let those who understand it work towards a better future. the worst you can do is support for the destruction of the current and hope that a future build will be better… without the intellectual minds and couragous leaders a future cannot be built. we cannot assume blindly that creating a power vaccuum will solve this, instead it will open us up to the chance of milicious and evil people to take the seat, steal the car, and steer us right off the cliff.

Stop burning flags, educate your selves and your children about civics, governing, and economics. Reward the hard working. and believe that no human should ever rule another human.

Reality Check

We live among Americans in America that do not know what America is, they are born to comfort and privilege, taught the history of slavery, spoonfed hate and fear through CNN and CBS, CRT, and so on… how white people are the slave owners, and the black people are the slaves, and that our current system is but a means of oppression, the average capacity for self awareness is replaced instant search results of the internet; subconciously giving is the illusion of choice yet leads us slowly into aggression and discrimination, we did get it right, there is a system of oppression but it is not the country, it is the incumbent Democratc Party and it’s system of social unrest and emtoional hijacking of fear mongering and racial based hate-feeding.

As Americans grow unable to maintain their cultures and live their lives, they project their frustration on their neighbours, distorting the definitions of liberty, peace, and freedom to tyranny, wars, and slavery. But all we naturally want is to create our religions, cities, and states.

Most of us still believe that integrating classes and races is a solution; we could not be more wrong! While it allows the poor to live with the rich and the civilised to live among the savages, it’s like letting paedophiles into our kindergartens, yet wonder why is there murder, looting, and riots? Integration eradicates cultures and creates melting pots.

What is the point of a country that cannot have culture or civilisation? I look around, but I don’t see a Wakanda, nor do I see the Norse; where are the Vegetarian white elves’ city? where are the hard-working dwarfs?

No one wanst to live in the melting pot, it sucks a**, where all the sheep are herded into slaughter, biting and hurting each other in a small confined space of financial pressure.

We need to look no further than our constitution for answers to complex systems like this.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” — Amendment X.

Back in the days when “The People” moved around and created the States, they agreed to become United on the condition that the federal power exists to solve the issues between the states, which means that the federal power is limited and that the United States identifies as an alliance of people and not a country.

If we allow the states to diverse, they can create their own versatile cultures, and exchange their unique wisdoms between one another, while the federal government can regulate and keep the competitive evolution of ideas and systems between states a healthy and safe play.

We don’t need CRT, we don’t need revenge tactics, or fairy tailes like wealth destribution, we need diversity of land and independence from rulership, we need fair taxation, and fair representation, in a system of micro-countries where the government is able to represent everyone, not just the winning party.

Give African Americans a state, give the Elves their own state, give the Orcs their own state, and give the Dwarves their own state, and should they ever battle each other. make sure it’s a healthy and safe war of words.

Thank you for reading.



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