Cancel-Culture and racism are killing America.

A sketch of faces being deleted.

We have killed free speech, and we are destroying America. You are not so surprised reading this because… well… you feel it too, let’s talk about what Hate speech is versus what it seems and how every generation of rulers tries to take this country like a ripe fruit into a modern way of slavery.

Hate Speech explained

Protected categories

Race, Religious belief, National Origin, Age, Sex, Citizenship, Familial Status, Disability, Veteran Status, Genetic information. — Thought Co.

What Qualifies as hate speech

“Hate Speech becomes a human rights violation if it incites discrimination, hostility or violence towards a person or a group defined by a protected category” — Rights for peace.

I bring this up to emphasise the importance that only when a speech constitutes unquestionable intent of hostile or violent nature towards a protected category is it considered hate speech. Still, the line is weakly defined in society that many jump to report and throw any form of harmful speech or opinions they disagree with under the “hate speech” category. As means to how they can now get their way of things, this fallacy is committed by everyday folk and people of influence, such as the United States government.

Here are several examples of hate speech:

  • Mentioning “White” or “Man” and saying violence should be done upon them.
  • Noting a “Christian” and saying they should be attacked.
  • Citing a “Young” girl that you want to do something violent or hostile to.
  • Challenging a disabled person to a fight.
  • Challenging a fatherless/motherless/unmarried person for being so in a violent or hostile manner.

Here are several examples that are not hate speech

  • Saying something hostile or violent against the government, or a political party (because politics is not a protected category)
  • Saying any kind of information about COVID that does not bring any direct harm. such as (COVID is a biological weapon funded by the American taxpayer.)

Cancel Culture Movement

Our world is run by the rich few; Their power knows no boundaries or limits so much that today they shamelessly shape the flow of information, restrict speech, and cover up their tracks whenever they commit massive fraud, theft, or even genocide. They can do so by playing a gullible Americans into signing away their freedom voting for this bill, or that bill slowly chipping away at what America is all about.

With the influx of new immigrants, those protecting the nation’s pillars become fewer and fewer; the media paints them as rebels and traitors, saying, “let’s do something about it”. The changes in our laws have been so severe they conflict with freedoms we were given that allowed them in the first place.

In the pursuit of a better world, many misunderstand that the global prerequisite conditions that put us in power back in the post-WWII era are not here today. We lack both the resources and the economic advantages to rebuilding the world and have but our gleaming promise of freedom and the preservation of human rights. We need to build new systems to address modern problems of economies and governance, but it is extremely difficult. Otherwise, developing nations would not take so long to succeed, given their malleable nature. Cancel Culture does not have long term goals, nor it is the answer to our economic and governance problems. And given it is selective in its help and selective in whom to go after, it especially goes after people of a certain colour (whites), sex (men) and religion (Christians).

I would question the movement of cancel culture as a form of hate. However, being carefully disguised as a moral movement that allowed rich people to accomplish several goals ranging from taking down a US president to diminishing votes of the Conservative States and the Republican Party.

The fear that such actions will one day replace free America with a single ruling party worshipped by complacent sheep that pay taxes without questions work for no future and follow the law without their rights, like Russia and Belarus, to name a few.


The most obvious forms of hate speech today are racism; I’m not here to parrot around how racism is defined today. I want to give you a perspective missing out on many; the movement against racism is healthy, and it is effective and robust for the most part. However, it does little to improve the lives of the minority as humans who seek violence will get to commit violence even if it is in the same race. Racism is not everyone’s problem, and it is a problem of the few harmed people of colour and the few harming former-slave owning people who lack colour, i.e. the white folks who moved to the States pre-civil war. As someone subjected to discrimination in Europe and other places, I was shocked to have been racially attacked by African Americans in the United States for being white-passing for a former slave owner.

A great article explaining the White-Passing category can be found at Pure Wow.

That tells me that a nation “doing something about it” is not doing enough.

We Americans stand most divided in our perception of freedom and happiness. Tell me in the comments what do you believe freedom is and whether you have it today?

Thank you for reading :) opinions are welcome in the comment section



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