How we got it wrong on Politics

Among many political articles on Medium, Jessica Wildfire is notable for her analytical takes and calculated snark makes her an exceptional and well-known author, but I fail to understand why accredited authors feel they have the moral authority to attack Elon Musk or Joe Rogan on the premise that they are not woke.

I’d rather state that Americans equate wealth to influence rather than moral virtue, and while most wealthy people got there by corruption and theft, Elon got there through hard work, courageous faith, and mental torment that an ordinary person would not survive.

Many of us will agree that we have a government that sells its political power to whoever is willing to buy from domestic or international (special interests) pools.

We have a problem of Radicals (Left and Right) sitting in our government pushing either Nazist or Communist ideologies; depending on which poison you pick (Blue or Red), they propagate and live off the hate, conflict, and violence of the average uneducated citizens. It is our fault that we created schools that teach nothing about money, critical thinking, or politics.

I often implore people to phone or email the governor to ask them for a change; I know I do it often because it’s our responsibility; it’s how the system works. But most of the citizens don’t know that. In America, the STATE works for citizens. The Federal system solves international politics; the socialists decided to centralise the power federally and start killing the states, and painfully, I see America on its last dying breath.

— — -

Joe Regan and Elon Musk embody America’s progressive, centrist direction that puts aside all the nonsense and move towards effective solutions to real problems such as wars, famine, hard-labour conditions, universal income and abundant access to commodity and the internet. Fear and Hate matters pushed today, such as Racism, Abortion, and Mass shootings, should be delegated to the state and not be treated as global issues to hijack the federal government’s power and normalise its infractions against States’s Rights, violating Amendment X.

Slowly I notice that peace, fairness, and speech are destructing. The power void is quickly replaced by radical rhetoric aimed at seizing power from a small group of rulers in the Democratic party, which they cannot do until the pillars of democracy are removed.

Most Americans are born in America without knowing what America is and what makes it special. They quickly forget and compare themselves to other places where prosperity is better and label the wrongs on Capitalism and lack of culture.

People need to wake up; America is so bad because Americans are more comfortable crying foul and waiting for food stamps than taking matters into their hands and doing something about it. Those who do something about it today end up being cancelled or dead.

Julian Assange.

Edward Snowden.

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King

Communism and (one-party) government are very real threats. And we have five segments of the political spectrum but only two parties to choose from; that is why we are taxed and not represented, and that is why the underground politics are calling for a second civil war.

Political Segments with significant politicians referenced.

* Radical Left (Communists) ← Stalin, Pelosi, Hillary

* Centrist Left (Liberal Progressives) ← Bernie Sanders

* Centrist (Futurists / Technocrats) ← Elon Musk / Joe Regan

* Centrist Right (Conservative Progressives) ← Donald Trump

* Radical Right (Anarchists / Fascists) ← Hitler, KKK

The problem lies in that most people think that progress happens when you choose the left; progress happens where progressives go; and the moment the communists revealed their agenda to kill the constitution, speech (1st amendment), and self-defence (2nd amendment), and rights to property (4th amendment), and liberty of states (10th amendment). Sane Americans quickly decided that the left needed a reminder that this was not the USSR; you could not just attack the rich and do Razkylachevonya.

To write good political pieces, one needs to be familiar with political history, science, and ideology and not take for granted the freedom to write blogs (it does not exist except in less than ten countries).

This freedom is very fragile because it takes power away from rulers. It’s upsetting that we have to call the Republicans to help us protect it because we cannot defend ourselves from becoming a closed society; the same issue plagues the global politics, and George Soros describes it much better than I ever could in his remarks on the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this week:

George Soros | Remarks Delivered at the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos




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