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Shop where employees are paid well, and economise with quality products.

Frozen products aisle in a Publix Supermarket

Good morning,

When I began my journey writing… forget that, there’s nothing fancy about it, I used to tweet, I used to blog, and now I write articles, but I consider myself far from a professional content-creator. I learned that when I cast opinions my false perception usually came from tunnel-vision and lack of insight; so I’ve learned to always look at the other side of the asile. and that very well also applies to daily habits such as shopping.

Today I want to write about Publix, and this is not a paid advertisement; This is me sharing a postive experience that I found more profound to bottle up to a few sentences on a yelp review. I wanted to highlight what I do when I shop as that’s becoming an important challenge in today’s economy and inflation problems.

but first a little about my background, I come from humble beginnings, I was born in a 3rd world country and had to quit school at 16 to help a family of single mother with 3 children to make ends meet paying rent with expenses exceeding income by double. the challenges of a 3rd world life style is all about scrapping money together to keep a roof and food. if we had both of these we were happy and blessed, and wanted for nothing more.

That lifestyle is miserible but that lifestyle also taught me when hardship comes happiness does not equate to how lavish one lives, but about not having arguments in the house, and being kind and generous to family members as not all have jobs, but as they contribute by keeping the house clean, cook, or be a good companion while you watch TV they should not feel any less valuable, money does not dictate the value of a person, at the bare minimum of things, money is just a means to put food on the table, and a roof over our heads. but if you ever have extra money don’t spend it loosly; save a friend in need, or invest in stock of a company you believe in (do that only if you have experience and buy-low sell-high).

Publix, I’ve been coming here just for the coffee and comfortable chairs, but it grew on me; I liked the people working at the Deli they weren’t the Subway fast, but they were careful with their ingredients, and did everything with love, these people are working minimum wage jobs but they are happy and content. okay maybe this is just good customer service training, I thought. so I stuck around sipping my coffee, clacking at my keyboard, and occasionally do my shopping.

Oneday I came in early morning Saturday and I encountered several managers and workers arriving to work dressed neatly and speaking calmly, I then saw managers inspecting the grossery aisle. and another one casually setting up a register. they are not sitting around or bossing people. they are working with their subordinates and communicate with their peers with respect. I never hear the Megaphone yelling for someone by name like they do Walmart, I sat in Publix for 6 hours straight and I haven’t heard loud conversations, loud noises of carts, or things falling… the music is always playing at background volumes. comparing to Wholefoods the traffic here is more moderate. perhaps they don’t hire a lot of people? no, no, that is not the case at all.

Publix as it turns out, hires people for culture, and they are willing to help anyone to get better with skills, training, and pay extremely good wage to winover anyone who is agreeable, honest, and kind. to them the kind of person you are matters more than your abilities. and this is a stellar selection process!

Other companies should follow suit and not shy off from paying better wages and hire on merit and culture rather than on experience and education because today’s work conditions are tough. and everyone deserves a shot a decent living, and those workers are not trained to be happy. they are genuinly content in their stress-free working environment. their managers treat them as good as they treat the customers, you know when you go to the register and get greeted that is kind of expected, but when you walk by the person sorting up product on shelves and he turns away towards you, looks at you and says “Good morning, how are you doing today?” That’s mind-blowing to me, I chalked it up to a one-time thing only to have the same experience repeat as I walk by another worker at the other wide of the store who was stocking the fridge, “Hi, how are you?”. I smiled “I’m doing very well, how about yourself?”.

Is this the famous Southern-Hospitality myth I keep hearing about? and amid ineffective government full of radicals, inflation starving families, and greedy corporate chains like Walmart and Mcdonalds taking over treating their employees like trash. here they are well-paid, respectfully-treated, and genuinely happy with their work.

Diversity was the first thing that popped in my mind, and I see Asians, Hispanics, and Afircans working here as well; they too are content, the place is maintained and clean, and I hope it stays this way.

Before I wrap it up, I would like to share my shopping philosophies and hear your feedback, please thinkg of this article like a family-size tweet, I love to get your responses!

1. Buy quality, not price

If this seems like common sense, but then you go shop for terrible tasing grocceries at Walmart because you got more for your buck, this advice is for you. While we do need to save money, we need to do so not at the expense of our health; unfortuantely American doesn’t have your back when it comes to health, the FDA allows consumers to be poisoned by cancerogens and High-fructose-corn-syrup products. and as you get sick you are left with medical builds that make you consider death a cheaper exit, so consider that while you can make money, it is much harder to nurse yourself back to health, even if it is as small as fixing a tooth.

Finding good quality products at walmart prices is not impossible in today’s economy, my friend takes her time comparing prices online and then order products for pick-up. but another way is to organise your shopping where you shop in bulk for consumebles and frozen poducts, but shop frequently for perishables such as bread and veggies. Consider buying the store’s brand instead of corporate products, since the store has the incentive to keep a high quality bar vs the corporate product, they will deliver better quality; but also keep a lower price to complete with corporate products, here are a few examples.

Wholefoods 360 products offer organic products and spring water at prices cheaper than filtered name brand products,

Publix’s (P) products sell incredible quality canned and dry foods at nearly half the price while following a strict Made Without Certain Ingredients | Publix Super Markets list.

Wegams does something similar, so don’t feel intimidated to go to these fancy stores for their ‘expensive’ reputation. shopping smart you can allow yourself to bring quality products, help a business that’s praised for work-ethics, AND save money since your products do not perish, and your health does not degrade having avoided Corn Syrup, and other poisonous ingredients. it’s a Win-Win-Win.

2. Spend less on instant-gratification, and more on Food, Shelter, and Investments.

It seems a common sense to avoid drinking Lattes and buying toys because they look cute; but I’m here to tell you the opposite! you must be calling me a sharlatan for this but hear me out, when people have money they are less stressed and their spending is less stressful; when people don’t have money their spending is linked to their stress levels. Our purchase habits are driven by our stronger emotions such as excitement, and anxiety. having neither of those helps you spend more intelligently; so the next time you are looking to buy a product ask yourself how much of that decision was driven by influence of emotions, media, and how much of it as your own decision. and you will surprise yourself when you filter your purchases down to products you decided to aquire yourself rather the products you buy on a hype, momentum, or that latest BTS merch.

3. Shop at businesses where you or your children would be happy to work there oneday.

America is slowly turning corporate, but that doesn’t mean that we have to subscribe to the corporate-socialist future if we support the places we believe match with our ethics, while some stores are “percieved” to be more expensive for their Prepared and diced cantelope, you will find grossery and organic products be priced quite closely and sometimes cheaper than the mainstream corporate chain; shopping at ethical businesses such as Publix and Wegmans allows them to survive the dreaded resession. corporations lobby the government that bails them out, middle-size businesses are vulnurable and rely on good worker ethics and customer service to win you over.

4. Be a good customer!

If you’re the type that never throws trash out the window, pick up the litter someone else dropped, or collect the carts an ungrateful citizen kept in the middle of a parking lot; this section isn’t for you :)

Be curtieus to the workers, you are no better than the people working around you regardless of the wealth or background, Since you like to shop in clean locations, make sure you contribute to keeping them clean, and treat others like you want to be treated, these rules are universal they are not just Christian.




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