We pursue Liberty but is Socialism right for Americans?

I was schoold that both parties are liberal and that socialism works, wait what?

In a post on Reddit, an academic has posted an interesting explanation about America’s liberal-conservative and liberal-progressive sides.
This grouping is slightly different than today’s Democratic and Republican parties as I don’t see conservatives pushing any liberal effort, nor do I see the democrats making much progress either.
The scholar continues to explain that while America successfully implemented capitalist economics that allowed for a rapid spread of means of production and prosperity directly to those contributing to it.
Today socialism is being pushed to redistribute wealth, but history shows that socialism is easy to exploit and consolidate the confiscated wealth to an authoritarian rule.
Here’s the full transcript and attribution.

So much misunderstanding with the history of free speech. First of all, your founding fathers simply borrowed the ideas of liberalism from European philosophers. Thinkers like John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacque Rousseau, and John Stuart Mill (and his father, James) were the drivers of “liberalism” and “free speech”. Ancient Greece was the originator of “democracy” and Rome the concept of the “republic”. While it is true that Americans created a republic with liberal constitutional protections, the ideas were not their own. Not even first.

Democrats and Republicans are BOTH liberals. Neo-liberalism is a term regarding the expansion of liberal ideas, most notably liberalizing global trade and democracy throughout the world. Both Democrats and Republicans benefited greatly from neo-liberalist principles (with some valid criticism economically). What cannot be denied is that wealth was created and lifted everybody. Neo-conservatism is a term regarding the global imposition of hegemony and (American) power throughout the world.

Democrats and Republicans are simply two American political parties. They mean nothing outside of the United States. One is historically progressive; one is historically conservative, although neither are true to their roots these days. But both are liberal to the bone. Capitalism is the economic model that best promotes liberalism. Socialism is the economic model that redistributes wealth although in practice, as history as shown time and time again, it tends to only concentrate wealth to despotic leadership in practice. Socialism, Marxism, Leninism are all the same bolshevik, neither of which have ever been fertile ground for liberal principles…and they never will be due to human nature.

Social democracies are simply highly taxed, highly regulated economic systems that are congruent upon democratic principles due to their progressive tax systems. There are a few very small countries that are successful with this model but they have many other social problems as well (i.e. nationalism, xenophobia, etc.).

Every time a conservative criticizes “liberals”, a puppy dies. Every time a democrat promotes “socialism”, a kitten dies. As the adage says, better to say nothing and thought an idiot than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

To the comment regarding free speech, yes, Liberals (capital L) are shutting down free speech for the time being. Thirty years ago, it was the Conservatives demanding that free speech be stifled in the interest of “family” and “Christian” values. The pendulum swings from side to side and eventually things will balance out.

By SpanishSid posted here.



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