Intelligent Creatures

Are humans just monkeys with better brains?

Feeling offended by this sentence further validates it. As a human, you have a logical brain that grants you the powers of reason, intelligence, and decision-making. You also have an animal brain that grants you the powers of communication, trust, ego, and empathy.

If we consider our logical ability to make us gods, we should study, shape, and create things and beings of matter and life. We limit ourselves short of crossing creationism for ethical reasons beyond my understanding.

The animal brain powers our ability to survive in this world everything we experience, from emotions to instincts. It also gives us our most significant human features and guides us to compassion and kindness. Yet, when unfulfilled, it grants us sorrow, anger, and sometimes violence, every feeling you have comes from the animal brain.

The logical brain is the brain of reason, analytics, and critical thinking; To some extent, our logical brain is becoming an atrophied muscle used minimally to achieve simple tasks such as speaking and reading. But it yearns for self-exploration and studying.

I feel more optimistic about people as I’m seeing more teenagers building hobbies that utilise both mindsets, such as art, music, craftsmanship, carpentry, and more.

Intellectual people who excel at one mindset get attacked for their awkwardness and different world views; they are shunned with names like a nerd, diagnosed as the sick (ADHD bi-polar). But every time an intellectual solves a problem, they solve it for the world; here’s a couple of examples.

A nerd invented Linux, he shared it for free, and now every computer system you see runs on it. (Tesla FSD, Linux Operating Systems, Facebook, Android, your smartwatch, game consoles, and even Google services). They exist because Linus Torvalds solved a problem, and he is no exception.

Elon Musk is another nerd solving a problem. I’m not talking about his recent success with Tesla, but he came up with the idea of transferring money over the internet. Because of that, online banking was born, he founded PayPal, and the copycats followed, such as cash, Venmo. And may have paved the path for decentralised currency. As he once solved the problem of transferring money over the internet instead of paper checks.

Nikola Tesla was another nerd who solved a problem, and that problem was electricity transmission. Tesla’s AC idea solved how far electric current can travel before evaporating; he also made it safe to touch it with your bare hands since it’s always a connected circuit. It doesn’t discharge entirely into the person.

In conclusion, I feel that most humans are lazy beings; what little logic they have, they abandon, and what animal / humane tendencies have, they will resort more to anger, violence, and fear to settle their differences. That is why you have Hate-as-a-solution being sold everywhere.

BLM, Corona, Feminism, etc., as humans are mostly degrading away from logic.

Please understand this and do something about it, be aware of both minds, and use them both in all the choices you make.




Political Scientist, and Technology Evangelist.

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Political Scientist, and Technology Evangelist.

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