The N-Word

Did we solve the problem? or did we pour fuel to the Race flame?

Gee, another political article, no not really; today I wanted to talk about a dillemma and ask for your help to clearify something to an outsider.

What is the deal with the N-word? from the surface level I know the White cannot call African Americans it, but African Americans can call each other with it.

Because of the history of how African Americans came to be, forcefully obducted and brought to work to the American White-dominant majority back in the day; suffice to say with the open border immigration policies and differential birth rates between white famlies and non African Americans the % of predominant families has fallen by alot. today you hear about Confederates but they’re more like the outcase living in Conservative states which are less than half the United States. while ethnicity defines White as anyone with fair skin, it is a generalised description over anyone who is not Asian, Hispanic, or Afircan American. which is why the number of White Americans seems to be large however the number of the original confederate families is far more smaller than it realy is.

I’m not here to defend them, I’m just pointing out some truths behind the lies of the generic consensus. according to recent demographic statistics in the US White American residents comprise of 59% while in reality confederate families comprise anywhere around ~26% the gap being filled by White-passing Americans , Middle easterns, Eastern Europeans, and South-African-Americans.

The hate against White was a revenge tactic raised post the civilwar to help end White Supremacy, the KKK, and that African Americans be now treated fairly; and sadly I aknolwdge the reality that this battle is far from over. however a lot of White Americans are not racist anymore, yet still oppressed and discriminated for the stereotype regardless; in fact I have seen White-skinned immigrants with no history of racism get attacked for their white-skin and eventually be influenced into becoming racists “Because that’s how it is in America”. and this is a seriously undermined and unaddressed problem, we are creating new racists from non-racist white people today by attacking them and condmening them for something they did not do.

So what is this concept of the N-Word?, if a White American who is not supremacist cannot use it, it is understandable because it is emotionally painful and destructive for African Americans to be reminded of their former slavery lives. however the double-standard that an African-American can call another the N-word is what bothers me. it shows a sign that African-Americans are not willing to contribute to help erradicate the word from the dictionary, but rather allow themselves the egotistical satisfaction to express their power of the supposidely oppressed white-people; but Why? what’s going on here? Revenge? Hate?

If we are really trying to end Racism we must elimiate the actual division from both sides of the aisle and the agreement to disallow certain offensive words should apply to all Americans and not racially define who can and cannot use the N-word as this only highlights the hypocrocy, where the battle for Racism has less to do with ending the hate and more to do with exacting vengence.

Thanks for reading, please explain this to me in the comments.



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