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A bold journey behind the scenes of the political spectrum and practices in the United States.

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Revision 3, May 28th, 2022.

ACTIVE RESEARCH: This article is under constant rivision and study, and will be updated overtime. feedback is welcome!


“Stay away from politics. It is too complicated for you. When you become a citizen, we will listen to what you have to say.” A blanket answer you commonly hear whenever you try to express a political view, everyone is busy with opinions and everyone is telling me in one way or another to shut up.

It is the year 2016 and I am living amongst liberal progressive friends, but hanging around with Trump supporters too, many of them are gay and black which stricks me an oxymoron at first.

Oblivious to the labels, I go around and greet all people of different backgrounds treating everyone with respect and impartiality until one day my work place brings up the topic of politcs, to which I casually express my opinion “Trump has a significent voter base, I think he is likely to win”.

A moment of silence fills the board meeting I’m in, and a senior developer slams the table gently “Are you saying that Trump is going to win?” horrified by the sudden reactions of people I choose my words carefully. “No, all I”m saying that the odds seem likely”… a couple months later, Trump wins and everyone is losing their minds while I’m sitting back and wondering how are people so intolorent of democracy?

Fast forward to 2022, I am a citizen, but a careful one as it seems voting is a big deal in this nation, and there seems to be a right and a wrong side of it.

But following my revalations I could have never been more wrong, there is no side to voting, there is only those who vote, and those who do not.

While you do live in a place that can provides access to work, tours, and daily joys, It is made with a delicate system of systems.

As I burn the midnight neon lights and bury myself in research of the fobidden reports of Wikileaks, Project Varitas, Hillary’s emails. I realise not only how fragile the system is but also it’s powerful potential to solve our greatest problems if only I were to optimise it a bit here and a bit there, but perhaps it all begins with sharing my findings of the underground mechanics of government and highlight potential opportunities as a map to better the system long-term.

I’m grateful having lived in oppressive regimes, and having migrated with that experience to a free world, the locals often seek what world owe them. and seldom do they wonder what can they offer to the world.

What is your purpose? How do you do your part to make the world a better place?

I want you to meditate on this thought, embrace the philosophy of questioning and overthinking, for being intelligent is the gift of every human. Without intelligence and appreciation there is only ignorance and hatred.

It is 2022, and we are at the brink of civilisation collapse; the system has grown too complex and too vague for the average person to understand.

and under the guise of complexity it transfers the power of voting to the few elite who manufacture misleading fake problems obfuscating the real ones we care about; Just enough to give the illusion of progress, but keep us running in a hamster wheel.

What does everybody want?

A good household is one that has sufficient resources for prosperity and that by definition means to make more than what you spend. In the socialist ideology the defininition of prosperity is defined by the good-enough for survival, it is a terrible idea to transfer the decision of what makes good-enough for a family to the government rather than the family itself, as with any corporation, government is not that big a difference, it can maximise profits by innovating better, or by reducing resource consumption per capita.

Unless governed by a perfect entity such as a computer, socialism leads to equal misery instead of equal happiness.

To critique the government, one must first understand it thoroughly.

The political spectrum ideologies

Allow me to take a deep dive to explain the current political spectrum beyond the Left or Right, please pardon the brash language as I hyperbole the radical views of the left and right; this will set the ground for later analysis.

Let’s start with the centre of the spectrum, you may befamiliar with them as “progressives”, they reside on both sides of politics

Bipartisan Progressive Views

  • Discrimination remains a big problem in our society, but conservatives do not believe this giving minorities free handouts or any privileges that put them over non-minorities resolves the discrimination problem. “All men(people) are created equal” means that all governing systems shall not deny anyone the right to life and liberty on age, race(origin), marital status, or sex. They can earn their living given they have fair use of the system judged only by their history of crimes or violations, nothing more or less than that.
  • Money is earned in a fair exchange for value contributed; this is clearly stated by “Karl Marx” and evident by the current understanding of microeconomics; in layman’s terms, you must work to earn your income, and you must not make revenue for doing nothing regardless of your race, but also investing or gambling is immoral.
  • Immigration is part of the United States foundation, while there are disparities on the due process of immigration both parties agree that the country will always remain open on immigration.


  • The progressive left advocate for
    1. Asocial safety net understanding the capitalism while encourages innovation it also produces losers in the race, which in turn become poor, and they need to have a social structure to bounce back from.
    2. Human rights to be federally controlled accross all states; there are things that need to be treated as “rights” and should be available cross-states, such things are Health care, (and abortion at first trimester), Education, and Price caps on certain essential commodities such as the internet or insulin shots (life-essential medicine for diabetics).
  • They still side with the decentralised nature of State Rights when it comes to everyday individual matters such as policing, carrying out sentences for crimes, or counting votes, etc.
  • The left support organic product values and consider capitalism a failed experiment that only contributed to increasin the gap between the poor and the rich. (see Karl Marx’ Das Kapital) the product should retain a price proportional to the raw resource + the labour required to produce the product, whereas in capitalism the market’s scarcity and demand defines the price; Leftists also consider making profits without contribution an abuse of the system, whether it is lottery, gambling, investments, or stock trading; means of making wealth without contributing equal value is unsustainable.


  • Progressive Conservatives (pardon the play on words) agree that strict conservation of existing life style staggers progress, and a society that does not evolve, devolves.
  • Progress is fundamental to the survival and thriving of any civilisation. And as such, innovations in essential sectors require having malleable interpretations derived from the Constitution this mindset helped us arriev to the industrial era, and today’s Information era, this mindset also helps us accept and improve upon diverse cultures, stopping short from vioating certain principles we have in our core moral values and god-given rights. such as Free speech, Gun rights (rights to self defense), and the right to own a home.

The 14th amendment: “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

Here are a few examples the Progressive Right are against.

  • Auto insurance is more discriminating on age rather than violation and crash history for drivers under the age of 27 (this is age discrimination).
  • Preferential hiring of African Americans over White people just to meet diversity quotas.
  • The issuing of food stamps, WIC, and other welfare support indefinitely for non-contributing members of society.
  • Money is earned throught work, and you keep what you earn, but unlike the left; stock-trading, compounding interests and gambing are credible means of profit.
  • Traditional Marriage is a cornerstone to the nuclear family concept and it takes place between 2 people of opposite sexes to have children and thrive independently of their parents on either side.
  • Gender roles are defined by the biological sex, this is considered an optimal symbiosis where the man uses his intellect and strength to produce for the family, while the woman uses her empathic and social skills to provide emotional support for the family and discuss diplomacy among other families as the lady of the house.
  • The right to bear arms is both self-defence and a guarantor of individual freedom; they are a more effective deterrent from gun violence by others, school shootings, as well as gangs, illegal police break-ins, riots, and if possible a war between states that requires a well-regulated militia.
  • Free Speech is an umbrella term for all actions of democracy such as voting rights, and multi-polar government parties. but also sums up in the ability of one person to criticise or counter-argue the ideas and opinions of the other. whether it is one against one or one against many. the right for a member to speak and let his or her concern be heard should never be ignored as it serves as a cornerstone of democracy and the canary in the mine should majority even be blinded and derailed from reason.
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness (Individual ability to survive without depending on family ties or business/political connections).

Radical Left

  • Communists are not new in US government, they always existed and historically contributed to good change in our systems such introducing the 40 hours a week law, and the ability to unionise, but what labels communists radical is their completely anti-American view by which they percieve to the United States as a “Nation” governed by a central government; similar to the Communist structure of the Soviet Union. communists aspire to centralise the United States and then convert a servant structure to a control center. they advocate for the elimination of capitalism as an economics engine, but also elimingate all forms of classism leaving only the Olegarch class, under the false promises of socialism, communism is the end result of socialist agenda failing to remove the Burgoise and instead becoming ruled by them.
  • In a communist socialist state, life is for rent, houses are given at birth and taken at death, cars do not exist, only public transportation, food is given by head count, and is equal regardless of the contribution output of the individual, copyright does not exist, invention is not rewarded.
  • The socialist movement today claims that the Free Market Capitalism has been leveraged to enrich the few, who later bribed the government and rigged the system to monopolise the markets locking their success in. and to resolve this they need to confiscate the wealth and distribute it equally among all citizens, by making resources accessible to all, and so is education, health care, and more, the end goal for communism is very similar to individualism in that they aim to provide the environment that supports everyone’s survival so that they can shift their focus towards thriving and innovating.
  • According to Karl Marx fiat currency derives it’s value by the assurance of the country issuing it, i.e it is worth something because we say it is worth something, but even if that is true, so long that the currency is stable i.e X = bread bun. then it can be equally dispensed to each citizen in a monthly stipend.
  • Discrimination whether racial or sexual plays no part in the system, neither protection nor right; the personal issues are offset to be resolved personally.
  • For a communist system to succeed order is to be established, humans are the product of the nation, there are no rights, only mission statements, there is no need to vote or riot, because there is no alternative choice, or say more than one ruling party.
  • The left strongly support immigration in any form. legal or otherwise.

Radical Right

  • When you think about the Radical Right, movements like MAGA, and Trump come to mind, Nationliasts/Patriots are a class of people who love their country that they will put their lives on the line to protect they are sworn to no government, but follow the constitution itself, don’t get me wrong, to some extent people with that mindset are the ones we depend on to carry over the torch of freedom down the generation, and spread democracy abroad to other nations.
    Their traditional outlook of the world howver deters progress, As new technology is invented, or new cultures are imported by immigration. The United States fails to hold on to tradition or culture such as being a majority Christian, or English being the national language, a nation that does not have a supreme ruler is percieved as week, to deter the collapse of local cultre the Republicans often vote to support immigration cultural assimilation, and a citizen’s test.

Party Affeliation

The political views are far more than the amount of parties, which pushes most different views to make a difficult choice to either side with the Socialists or the Conservatives in order to be relavent; The Radicals of either party levarage the popularity of centrest and progressive views as a vehicle to push their own radical ideas, this is demonstrated when seemingly-positive bills are being pushed stuffed with shady little details that have nothing to do with the actual bill, here’s the stereotypical spread of views accross the polar parties.

Democratic Party (Socialism / Communism)

  • Progressives
  • Communists
  • Corporations
  • Socialists
  • Minorities
  • Atheists
  • Immigrants.

Republican Party (Individualism / Capitalism)

  • Conservatives
  • Fascists
  • Farmers and Truckers
  • Small and Medium Business Owners
  • Individualists
  • Traditional (Christian) families

Voters vote blindly

Unfortunately, the average voter today does not know where the fight is, and it is extremely hard to dissect and comprehend the politics in this country; so most would simplify the effort by choosing either Blue or Red and go about their business.

The choice of Democrat or Republican is usually based on family or state predetermined support. a few preconceptions are that black people vote blue, businesses vote red, gays vote blue, while christians vote red, and so on.

This misinterpretation of the people’s will is far less effective, as it obfuscates the political situation of the country from the voter, and then sway the voter by means of propaganda; this would not happen if Political Science and Social Development were part of the school corriculum.

Today the government operates by collecting predetermined votes in a winner-takes-all system by controlling majority. this makes it very easy for the Federal government to be remain in control by a simple means of consecutive wins to one party, so long the people are distracted to the consequences such as censorship, survailence, inflation, disarmament, etc. Our democracy is largly predetermined.

What makes the United States so great?

  1. The country actually belongs to the people and not a ruling elite: This means the government has to play cat and mouse to win the people’s votes so long it cannot steal the nation from Americans.
  2. Free speech and critical thought: the people are empowered to speak the wrongs and be heard.
  3. The Right to Overthrow the government: the precedent of abolishing the United Kingdon’s rule of the states establishes a right for the people to final say to change their government when it no longer represents them, this ensures that the citizen ultimately has the power over the government, which is why the trust in the voting system is so important, so we don’t be taxed without representation.

I ran a poll among politicians and civilians and got some interesting results, while a lot of youngsters and non political people percieve the United States a country with one government, the literate minority however understands that the United States is an allience of independent governments, the States operate together under common terms which make up the constitution.

The contrast in these perceptions explains why the unfamiliar voter consistently holds the Federal Government responsible for the actions of the state. people have grown too comfortable to lean on the Federal power to have the final say, supressing the state’s verdicts.

Let me rephrase:

  • Point: The State court represents the will of the state’s people.
  • Loophole: If the state’s verdict was unsatisfactory, the inidividual will raise the issue with the Supreme Court. to bypass the state’s verdict, as this is much easier than having to move to a state that better aligns with the views of the individual.

How the Rich buy political power

The corporate mega-rich play a bidding war between the Blue and Red parties, let’s walk through the process.

  1. Both parties list their promises or (Laws for sale if you say so) to the tune of “If you help us get elected with your money, we will draft and pass laws to your interests (examples: avoiding taxes, creating monopolies, privitise or export wealth, sway the FDA or FCCs deicisions).

This framework of “legalised” corruption, subjects the government to the influence of the “Special Interests”

Here’s a demonstration of recent transactions.

  • Pfizer and Moderna have laws passed that prevent anyone from suing them over COVID vaccine side effects.
  • Net-neutrality is repealed to allow Comcast and verizon to monotise traffic.
  • FDA to ignore cancerogenic chemicals in food products otherwise banned in Europe (GMTs, Yellow 5,6, and so on.)
  • Beyer to produce fertiliser that causing health problems, but also produce the medicine that treats the ailments caused.

You get the idea, there are countless such examples publically available, but why is the government unable to do it’s job of regulating the corporations?

The western propaganda machine

Okay, guys, I swear I’m not a Russian agent, hear me out.

If you’re like me you dig into the conservative and socialist news sources equally, in recent events the Hunter Biden’s business with Ukraine exposed funding of bioweapons facilities in Ukraine with the intent of engaging Russia’s population in silent biological warfare, the same veture funded the bioweapon facility that accidentally released the COVID 19 pathogen in Wuhan, let’s not point fingers thou, it was an accident hopefully never happens again.

How did the mainstream media not talk about this obvious issue until alternative media had to hammer the gates and provide overwhelming evidence? However impartial Medium and Reddit try to be they indirectly participated in the censorship just as any mainstream media because COVID misinformation was such a hot-potato no one wanted to get canceled for it, supressing Speech to save own skin became the trend.

This is a small example of modern social media propaganda and censorship of speech.

The stockmarket as well as certain elites profit by manufacturing controlled-chaos wars, in a selfish perspective the Ukraine war is a great cause for selling arms to Ukraine (using our tax money), but also leverage the geopolitical tension to sell to Poland, Finland, and other non NATO members in the Eastern Europe. but otherwise financing warfares through the tax-payer pool is an old hat trick. the interested parties cut a paycheck to each Senator and Congress member, and Judge as a contribution to sway their interests. since public officials don’t make much money serving the public, this is a lucrative income they depend on, heck, I could argue it is the sole reason for some to enter the public service! think of the money!

2. Once elections are won, the elected now fulfil the obligations they are paid for to the interested party. Project Veritas undercover journalism provides overwhelming evidence and testimonies, some got paid for as little as 2000$ USD per congress member to vote on bills passed!

News outlets that put effort in remaining unbiased depend on donations rather than special interests for funding: Newsmax, OAN, and Buzzfeed, other news outlets read from the same script funded by the special interests and feed on Fear and Hatred for clicks and I consider them unreliable, such as LA times, CNN, CBS, BBC, and so on; real news is hard to access and is soldom made easily available, you have to dig for it.

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