Understanding Politics — Part 3

The incidents and statistics mentioned are obtained from credible 3rd party sources.

Economies systematically transition from one form to another. The key to a successful economy is preventing one from transitioning; we call this solution “perpetual economic stability.”

The Sequence of Economic Evolution:

  1. Anarchism
  2. Individualism
  3. Capitalism
  4. Corporatism
  5. Socialism
  6. Communism
  7. Anarchism

Karl Marx argues that sustaining one form of economy is impossible.

Why voting does not work

Somehow we labelled the Democratic party as the radical left and labelled the Republican Party as the radical right, but what makes the United States successful is the bipartisan contribution of both parties to the common good, so long we agreed on keeping the existing system we have and improve upon it.

I already mentioned that consecutive wins by either party, lead to a lack of accountability to the people in the opposing party.

As frustration grows, Absent other political options, those desiring a change of the current government, always vote for the opposing party regardless, This is known as choosing the lesser evil.

In 2016 the voting numbers were so overwhelming that even the special interests, and fake ballots using social security numbers of dead people, couldn’t buy the votes out. Around 80% of the United States elected Donald Trump. What a catastrophe for the ruling rich who have been promised monopolies and expansive plans to export their tyranny off shore; worst timing possible for an outsider with no clue on their plans to barge in.

But what did America silently vote for?, behind their families, behind their states bias, and the public popularism, They were voting their strong opposition to how the government currently runs by choosing the lesser evil.

Oppressed and invaded by division, ignored by their pleas to address a broken economy, a broken health system, and a broken justice system; the felt being texed without representation.

The trust in the government is undermined; the corruption is systemic, and the heroes that worked so hard to repair it are either dead or incarcirated.

Julian Assange: Currently in prison awaiting extradition and probably execution by the United States (Living symbol of Free Speech and freedom of the press), credited with creating the Wikileaks framework, major accomplishments include:

1. exposing Panama papers tax havens of Rothchild, Soros, and more.

2. exposing Epstein’s child trafficking and the Clintons for selling government-as-a-service to the ultra-rich.

3. exposing 9/11 being an inside job and Iraq’s massacre through Chelsea Manning’s leaks.

Edward Snowden: (Currently in hiding in Russia, considered No1 on the most wanted list, a living symbol of American patriotism and sacrifice. for he put the constitution before his family.)

Credited for exposing the mass-surveillance AI system PRISM that monitors and logs everything from every device worldwide with partnerships of Big Tech, namely (Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google). basically a real-life minority-report system but to sack people instead of predicting crime. (created after passing the Patriot Act following 9/11).

Voting no longer impacts policy.

The rich are untouchable, and the government plans to terminate individual liberties to maintain control; similar to the’70s soviet union, where they ultimately led to the collapse of an otherwise successful government structure, as the unheard populace was so desperate for change they elected to exit regardless the outcome.

We can build an effective feedback loop from our citizens and treat the government as a software company.

We can consider decentralising the power, further replacing representative democracy with direct democracy (proposed by Elon Musk for Mars civilisation).

We can restore power to individual states, i.e. “Leave the people alone” and the centralised government can be limited to handling cross-state economic and policy impediments as well as external policy; Given that the states effectively represent the will of their people.

The poor majority want socialism.

You cannot blame them because capitalism was initially meant to be free-market chaos, but it got systemic and progressively shifted the wealth while the government failed to keep it equal through measures such as SEC, Anti-Trust and Anti-Monopoly. These are just terms you hear about but never see work.

Wealth itself became a form of discrimination that classifies people:

  • 1% trillionaires, ultra-rich: (the names you never hear, Rothchild, Morgans, Rockefellers, the oligarchs that do not work for a living).
  • 10% billionaires (the normal rich, their names are always heard, celebrities, corporate owners, CEOs with 5 million annual salaries, everyone here “Leads” for a living. they need to exist to manage the economy.)
  • 35% of the working class are paid for their work and can sleep at night, yay good life. They usually make 100K to 1 million a household.
  • 55% poor starving people: oh god forbid, the majority of Americans and the number increases with uncontrolled immigration they make anywhere between 0 to 60k, they cannot afford eating outside, they have to buy used cars, used houses, and sometimes used clothes. they stimulate the economy the most, but usually less involved in politics, easy to win their votes as they often lack the understanding of American history, social engineering, etc.

Black VS White

Do white folks think the CRT movement can spin off the rails and become an anti-white Black Supremacy movement? giving perks for black people over white people or restricting white people?

What checks does the government have in place to prevent such outcomes?

Racial discrimination is a touchy subject; pouring fuel into the fire can burn your hand. There are already bipartisan actions in place to resolve racism, and we need to analyse the existing laws and systems and repeal ones that seem racist, but pushing black people against white people only justifies the existence of supremacist groups of both parties, and that leads the absolute opposite of resolving the issue.

Private Business Legal Loophole

But in order for any change like this to be effective, we need to look into private businesses as well, and we need to stop the Cancel-Culture (Speech suppression) because it will only hide the errors instead. There are other forms of discrimination that need to be addressed, such as location-based voting, age-based insurance tiers, etc.

Private companies always preach that privacy and speech policies are within their right because “they are private”, which is inexcusable. They are the same people that discriminate against their employees based on race, age, and sexual orientation.

Something the Democrats do not understand is that the country should remain the property of its citizens, for otherwise, it is not a democracy.

There have been severe failures up the chain regarding forign policy:

  • US Economy falls second to China by PPP (power purchase parity)
  • US attempts to create a Venezuela-style socialism, while China maintains Capitalist market economy .
  • US attempting to convert to a single-party-government.
  • US establishing bioweapon labs leading to the Ukraine-Russia war.
  • US funding bioweapons research leading to the COVID pandemic.
  • US Sells Uranium One to Russia.
  • US continues to purchase Russian LNG gas through China avoiding it’s own sanctions, without consulting the American people.

Newly elected parties often underappreciate the accomplishments of past leaders, and blinded by their personal agenda and ego, they abuse the existing system and introduce harmful alterations without consideration for long-term sustainability and well-being of the American people.

You would think that the politicians running the country are intelligent enough to not go after the pillars that made this experiment successful in the first place; free speech, democracy, and the (Straight White Male) who did most of the work to put it in place at the time.

Choosing destruction instead of improvement, not only we cripple the progress but we also erase America as an identity; one could relate this to a liquidation sale that happens before the business closes soon after.

Sources: Wikileaks, Rumble and Gab, SkyNews, Newsweek

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Political Scientist, and Technology Evangelist.

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Political Scientist, and Technology Evangelist.