The questions politicians should ask

This time I have questions for you, but I don’t have an answer for them. For this thought experiment, I’ll split the problems into two sections and have come up with your solutions to those present political problems.

Feel free to post your suggestions in the comments; if any of them is good, we can forward them to the White House and some representatives.

Section 1: How do we ensure the decentralisation of power and sustain democracy, at least by the measure we have today?

The Conservatives argue that today’s left-wing party is pushing for the demolishment of States powers and that the states should become a single nation ruled by a single party with immortally elected politicians powered primarily by the Oligarchs of the country.

The Liberals seem to argue that the existing democratic system has been rigged and abused by the dominating White-Straight-Families who are also former-slave owners and that the only true exit from Slavery would be to Socialise our government by dissolving the states and centralising the power into a federal government which then (we are promised) that it will be socialised (Like the former Soviet Union) where the government will have no president and be effectively run by the will of the people.

I’m concerned that the Socialist future will be worse than the current Decentralised democratic system we have, as we have no systems in place that prevent the centralisation of power in addition to a good portion of conservatives today tend to push outdated rhetoric that has little to do with saving the government and more to do with restoring religion, god, and ban homosexuality; from a grand scheme of things Roe V Wade and LGBTQ are smaller scale identity politics in comparison to the threat of collapse of democracy we are facing in the country. The forward party talks about making voting better; however, the bigger issue at hand is that voting altogether is losing power, and instead, corporations vote with money, while citizen’s money (taxes) are being deducted with no control or permission from the citizen ergo citizens money-vote is pre-cast to the federal government by default.

Section 2: The Fair-Trade / Free Market Capitalism is dying due to economies of scale, the evolution of the internet market, and the upcoming automation era (Think new industrial era = x¹⁰).

One way we’re addressing this is with UBI, which solves the poverty and homelessness problems; however, the end of capitalism also means the end of the competition, patent wars, and intellectual property. Soon we will be entering an age where a super-government owns all infrastructure and as major industries and infrastructure become public domain. Innovation and competition in those industries will stop; and instead, we will focus more on scalability and optimisation of the existing technology as it will be outdated; a USSR example of this is insisting on busses and holding off developing bullet trains, abstaining from investing in microchip and computer technology, demanding improving typewriters instead, so on and so forth.

What alternative system of economics does the Forward Party (or anyone else) have thought of that can give us the resource-restraint of socialism and yet inspire the innovation spirit of traditional (fair and free-market capitalism)?



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