Why being a Leftist is a bad thing today.

What is going on? Surely being a Republican is a terrible thing; we all hear the stories of slavery and the civil war and cultivate a form of discriminatory hatred for the (Rich White People) chanting together to end their reign.

But why stop there? The things I hear today from the Liberal Left go further. They talk about destroying the constitution; they encourage flooding the country with immigrants to (outnumber) the locals, and shove every person who is not black as white-passing and proceed to attack and harass them in public, trying to get them to say the N-word or start a fight so they can then yell “racism! racism!” because it’s what the youth today consider cool.

What do you think will happen as these radical, Anti-White, reverse-racist, woke liberals will one day grow up? How did our grown-ups forget to spread the voice of reason? We have raised a fatherless or motherless generation, extremely naive and very emotionally vulnerable to propaganda tactics of “hate” and “fear”.

Today’s left is anything but progressive; their definition of progress shifted from innovation to sexual identity and replaced free speech with one-sided racial rights.

All for mass collecting votes to pass laws that slowly pick at the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 10th amendments as our system of government is called into question, slowly opening the gates for restoring the old form of government, autocracy.

Simply put, the left has become dangerous and radical, suppressing conservatives and right-wing discussions, killing the dialogue between diverse political views in the nation. Without that, we have no speech. Without that, we have no representation; and that sets us on a dangerous path to a second civil war.



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Political Scientist, and Technology Evangelist.