Why do we need Republicans to come back?

Why do Republicans need to come back?

Image: Democrats celebrating by burning the American flag.

Which party funded the bioweapons research behind COVID?

Which party sold America’s entire Uranium deposit to Russia?

Which party is responsible for the war in Ukraine?

How are they still running the country?

Simple, our national propaganda is not any less effective than Putin’s propaganda is on Russians.

We-The-People of the United States of America has grown too complacent that we do not care what crimes our nation commits abroad so long as we turn our heads away from the truth and listen to CNN and Fox News about how bad racism is. We Americans gladly fund and support all the wars our nation starts in poor 3rd world countries to enrich their Lockheed Martin investments.

Whenever a war happens, those with insider knowledge get mad rich investing in the right stocks or being in the right business such as weapons trade, energy, or non-profits such as Soros.

In all likelihood, this article, along with any theme that dare reminds people to wake up and hold their rulers accountable, gets cancelled, deleted, banned, if not even imprisoned.

Our great American hero Edward Snowden is alive because he escaped; the greatest truth-teller in the world, Julian Assange, is wanted dead-or-alive by our government. The latest victims of this dictatorship are our citizens, who we no longer consider part of the country.

Republicans are indiscriminately and unjustifiably vilified with racism and hate speech.

Let me challenge you to find two things if you believe anything I said is untrue. Have you a video of a whole sentence where Trump appears to be racist. (none of that narrated out of context media editing). Do you walk around, and republicans threaten to kill you, cuss at you, or flip the finger?

Regarding the second point, the Democrat voter base has become; the United States has become a nation of hate, violence, and crime because it wins votes. And all those democrats are suckered into it quite quickly, distracted by the racial and gender propaganda. At the same time, the Democrats fund biological weapons, sells our labour and resources to China, and one might think, “are they doing what they are doing in the interests of the American people?”

Of course not. Because the Democrats have no interest in preserving democracy, voting rights, free speech, gun rights, that’s right. Sounds strange yet true. How can people who represent “freedom, voting rights, and individualism”, as their name says, be supporting communist views such as “Tyranny, cancel culture, disarming the citizen, Rigging votes, and Socialism”?

While I believe in freedom, immigration and holding the extremely rich accountable for spending their wealth to better the one country that belongs to its Citizens and not some emperor, I cannot fathom supporting a new form of slavery.

I don’t know if Republicans have the answer, but we have run out of choices; all the other parties are dead-in-the-water. Republicans are the last line of defence before the pillars of America collapse. We can’t put Elon Musk as president (he was not born here). And while Trump was right in many things he said, he is not versed well in global politics and diplomacy.

Unless we build a transparent government that works for the betterment of the working class and does not bend the knee to the rich-white-people you so awfully hate yet vote for, Why do people vote without looking into people’s backgrounds and intentions? Why do people listen to the news and willingly succumb to propaganda without question?

Let me be clear that I don’t support either party. I advocate for Americans not to shun each other for political differences. I advocate that expressing political views is what free speech is about So that the debate goes on and spare us a second civil war.

History always shows that this is common sense that if you oppress the people, they rebel.

Seeing America rot from the inside while our nation’s rich, careless, ruling party members sleep gracefully to the screams and violence among African Americans, Asians, and the LGBTQ+ is frustrating.

While I support many of the ideals that the democrats preach to appease their voters, I do my research before voting; yet fail to understand how the majority support the crimes the Democrats commit.

Even when they fail to deliver upon their promises, no one holds elected officials accountable for anything; moreover, there is no transparency of what the government does with our tax money.

Healthcare? Military? The tax money pours into a pool accessible only by the corporate rich once they come up with reasons and plots to suck the government (taxpayer) well dry, and then, you guessed it, raise the debt ceiling because we are so broke!

I long advocated for direct representation and government spending transparency; I also advocated for people to have the individual power to choose where their tax money is spent rather than Uncle Soros making those decisions. Who made HIM president?

Let me know your views in the comments. And if you’re a democrat, please resist sending me death threats or being condescending or hostile; the democrats I meet in person do enough of that.

As always, thank you for reading, please don’t cancel freedom it’s all what’s left of America.

Speaking of research, catch before it disappears.
Pelosi’s Pedophile Connection Blown Wide Open — Liberty One News




Political Scientist, and Technology Evangelist.

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Political Scientist, and Technology Evangelist.

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