Can government deliver peace?

I read a lot of opinions and political studies from both the Democrats and the Republicans, and often they engage in finger-pointing who’s fault is what more than working on effective solutions that extend benefits passed their stock portfolios.

We have a beautiful constitution, an operational separation of powers, and an ideological system of governnace; the error of our ways stems from the people we have in our government, how are they financially stand to benefit from conducting bad policies, and, more importantly, why is voting not an effective tool anymore.

Stock Portfolios

If you’re on the unfortunate side of the economy, please work harder, smarter, and meet people who can help you land good jobs; around 60% of this country is suffering. It’s difficult to shift from poverty to sustainable finance. But in other countries, it is damn impossible. So don’t take this chance, however difficult, for granted and do your moral best to study, specialise, and start your businesses if needed.

If you’re on the economy’s good side, you probably have a house, a car, and a stock portfolio where your wealth grows alongside the market. I tell you now, nobody in our government comes from the unfortunate 60%, and nobody represents them. That is part of the problem why drafted policies usually cater to those already fortunate, that is until shit hit the fans. We need more votes to win again. (while there are still two parties, that is. ) policies drafted today are about financial incentives, campaign contributions, family-owned businesses, and stock portfolios. While few enter politics with missions to fix the country, most incumbent members have been there for a good while; I’m talking about Senators and Party-Radicals who are usually extremely Communist or extremely Fascist. Let me stop right here. I don’t think any radical ideologists belong in the government because they typically contribute to no progress and serve as the thought police within the parties; but that aside when you see a politician buying a huge stake in their husband’s company, and then a policy passes that suddenly benefits said company shooting its stocks up 3700% (Pelosi), you have got to start asking questions and whether this is ethical.


The grand old party and standard politics all align that for growth to happen, we need free-market capitalism. In contrast, Marx wars that capitalism breeds corporations, corporations feed on small businesses and then monopolise the market. The United States’s smart decision was to create a “Perpetual Capitalist” economy. To put it in English, they would use Government policy to prevent Monopolies from taking place; That is why we have Anti-Trust laws and anti-monopoly practices in place. But the rich-being rich lobbied the right people in the government to look the other way as they constructed legal loopholes around those restrictions via Duo-polies and, more importantly, Oligopolies. Money is a hell of a powerful incentive to get things done. And Marx argues that within the nature of man and greed, it is impossible to sustain one form of economy to raise to lead to the next form of economy. more of this in my Article “Understanding Politics” and Marx’s book “Das Kapital.”

Are you new to these complicated terms? Here’s the summary.

Duo-Poly is when too giant corporations controlling an entire market segment agree to stop competing and set their prices at the same level, and then slowly raise them to increase their margins; examples of such Duo polys are Seagate and Western Digital (Selling same capacity drives at higher price margins holding people back at four to averages), Playstation and Nintendo (selling console at close price marks), Comcast and Verizon (5$ internet being sold for 60$)

Let’s poke the big bear Oligopoly because Duo-poly is such an obvious scam, but it is effective; market segments with three or more corporations but less than ten corporations make similar agreements to inflate their prices on consumer products. All forms of market manipulation are only as effective as the demand for their product. And that’s a great way to bypass the government’s attempts at keeping the market fair and gobble up the competition. A good example of corporate Oligopolies is Oil companies working together to sell gas at higher prices. The same happened to car makers until Tesla ripped a big one in the car market. Big car makers worked together to raise the minimum cost of entry vehicles to 20k and sell certain models at certain price brackets while figuring out how to make cars cheaper; instead of transferring their savings to the consumer, they internally used those innovations to increase their profit margin while keeping the consumer stuck in the illusion of choice between the different car makers making same products with same prices. They did it for 100s of years and killed scientists and innovators who successfully created water-power cars, hydrogen cars, veggie oil cars, etc., because a new invention would allow the creation of competition. They will have to compete and innovate to catch up with the change. And that’s very expensive. So they will try to buy the patent, lock it up, or kill the inventor more often than you think.

Examples of Oligopoly:

  • Amazon, Microsoft, and Google agreed to level their Cloud and AI services prices.
  • Spotify, Amazon, and Google agreed to sell their music at 9.99 and not go below (Yandex Music proved the profit model is possible with 2.8$ a month per user).
  • Carrier companies to agree on pricing their monthly terms, capping their data.
  • Social Networks collude with the government of Communist views such as attacking Freedom of speech and introducing the same prices for Advertisement packages.

It is in the benefit of share holders of Big corporations to seek work in government and their referee and keep Big corporations successful by increasing their retirement funds and stock market portfolios. And why the heck should they protect the Market Capitalism when they can enrich themselves quickly and then retire and leave the mess to whoever comes next? That is exactly the mindset of treason, and the kind of people who have no place “representing” those 60% poor populations should not be in office. And they have no incentive to protect the commoners from the rich class.

Identity Politics

The strongest way to sway people to either party is to appeal to the personal injustices the politicians have inflamed to later present as a solution; it’s the old-fashioned “create a problem, sell the solution” scheme, and it always works.

Identity politics is the art of brain-washing people into voting for one party over the other, take the latest example where Democrats are losing and they need a new edge to unite most people; and out of nowhere, Roe V Wade gets reversed, and if you want your rights back, you will vote Democrats who then by proxy will engage in communist methodologies of draining the states’ powers and centralising it into their hands.

The same scheme works for Racism, funding movements such as Antifa and BLM, raising awareness about a specific group of individuals to then sell the public on a half-assed solution of “Defund the police” and “Disarm the public” that seems like great feedback but are indeed tactical actions that increase crime by those who are not legally abiding.

It leads me to derive that we have those who stand to benefit when crime, human trafficking, and chaos increase amongst our policymakers. Whether it is a personal mission to destroy the nation or to sell it for personal wealth is a subject requiring further research.

A healthy government would not engage in creating problems and instead address the difficult issues we currently have, and while it is “harder” to do so, it is the sole reason governments exist; here are a few problems and solutions I came up with

  • Healthcare to be free and human-right (Even Brazil has free and good health care, Norway and England as well, our spending of 1.8T in taxpayer money in the Healthcare sector goes to the pockets of insurance companies and corporations who do anything BUT healing people. Like Anthem. They have created an industry of nothing called Health Management Systems, a collusion scam that funnels taxpayer money into the pockets of rich do-nothings. This money could do a lot of good if every citizen gets 1000/month of healthcare coverage from the government; that would still be less than 1.8T annual spending.
  • State-level diversity is being erased as more laws are being created federally that is constitutionally illegal, such as laws regarding what kind of education we can give, what religions can we practice, the minimum wage, and so on. There are a lot of laws in this country that should be applied state-level, and the states that do better for their citizens gain more populations, and more populations mean higher voting power, etc.
  • The ineffective Voting system, tell me, have you voted for your senator? Your governor? Your congressman/congresswoman?. it might surprise you that most Americans focus on Presidential elections, and a smaller controlling group affiliated with each party impacts the primary elections (elections of candidates within the party). But even less and fewer people have an interest in electing change where change is designed to happen faster and more directly to citizen’s lives that is because systematically we convinced people that the power comes top-to-bottom, contrary to the system’s intended structure that the Federal government has no business with the State’s laws beyond those granted by the constitution. (Amendment X and the Federalist Papers.) We need the new immigrants and new generations to be educated in matters of policy and economics in High-school because otherwise, once the older generations dies off, so too will our system and likely be replaced by a one-party autocratic rulership or feudalism.

There are two types of societies according to George Sorros, one that serves the people, and one that enslaves the people , and building a national government implies control, and control slowly corrupts those behind the wheel and eventually that evolution consumes free-will as we see that today. but since the process is slow we don’t notice it, unless we remind ourselves what defines our country and identity, we will slowly devolve back into autocracy.

So we must ask ourselves what is our definition of freedom and what is our definition of peace, and whether we would be willing to trade one for the other, one thing that is government always sells “peace” in exchange for “servitude” and this is become ever more apparent, so the question is… can the government deliver upon what it is selling once we surrender our rights to vote, to speech, and to own businesses? Or is peace just a vapourware?

Thanks for reading.



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